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When you have an important concrete construction project that needs to be done, look no further than Phillips Builders. Based in Southern Utah, we are a leader in the industry. In the past few decades, a lot has changed – technology, governments, economies, even the materials we use in our daily lives. Phillips Builders is constantly studying and developing new methods, ideas and products. We specialize in many concrete services. If you don’t see something that specifically meets your needs, please feel free to contact us and inquire about it.


We innovate, we deliver, and we have what it takes to be your ideal concrete contractor.

Hard Work

We keep an old fashioned attitude about work, that it needs to be done when we promised.
Phillips Builders, LLC

Concrete & contractor services

Footings & Foundations

Quality workmanship is essential for lasting footings & foundations…



Phillips Builders specializes in varying types of flatwork in both residential…


General Contracting

Phillips Builders LLC is a full service construction company/general contractor…


Reinforced Concrete Structures

Time is money. Keep your project moving forward. Phillips Builders will…


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